Objective-C Projects

CORM On GitHub

The (Objective) C Object Relational Mapping (Framework) is an object-relational mapping framework for Objective-C.

ORDA On GitHub

The Objective Relational Database Abstraction is a collection of Objective-C frameworks that aims to be an implementation agnostic tool for accessing and manipulating SQL-based and SQL-like relational databases. There is a base framework, ORDA, and multiple 'driver' frameworks that link against implementation specific C libraries.

ORDA's paradigm is loosely based on that of JDBC in that drivers must be registered before use, a driver is associated with a URL/URI scheme, and connections are made from a central class that determines the driver to delegate to based on the URL scheme. All drivers must conform to the protocols that make up the 'specification'.


Two implementations are provided:

Type Extensions On GitHub

Various Objective-C extensions to existing types.

Voodoo Warning

NSObject (DeallocListener) and NSObject (zeroingWeakReferenceProxy) contain some serious runtime voodoo.